Martin is a local town with developed machine industry. It is a headquarter of the Slovak national biblioteque. The first references are from 1264 when a business route crossed the town. In a short time the town became a centre of crafts and business. The revolution year 1848 ranks among the most important dates in local history, when Slovaks tried to put the Slovak language through as the official language. In 1918 the Martin´s declaration- idea of Czechoslovak state, has been taken up. Nowadays the town offers many accommodation and sport centres. Martin is a good starting point for trips to the Mala and Velka Fatra mountains as well. A gothic church of St. Martin from 13rd century belongs among significant architecture buildings as well as the Slovak national museum and other places in Martin.

Inforamation centre - A.Kmeťa 22, 036 01 Martin, tel: +421 (0)43-423 87 76, +421 (0)915 833 963, e-mail:

Martin - Town-squareMartin - Town-square
Martin - ChurchMartin - Church